Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Final List of CMS-Required HH CAHPS Fields

Because of the OASIS-C implementation, many of you have asked what CMS fields are required for HH CAHPS. The list CMS has given us in Appendix B of the Protocols and Guidelines manual includes OASIS-B fields, which are no longer relevant in 2010.

A final list of fields required for the HH CAHPS surveys will not be available until mid-January. We recently sent an email to CMS asking when the finalized list will be available including OASIS-C fields, and they replied with the following:

Thank you for your inquiry. The reference to the OASIS items in both OASIS B and OASIS C will be included in Chapter IV of the revised Protocols and Guidelines Manual (Version 2.0), which will be posted on the project website in mid-January 2010.
Home Health Care CAHPS Survey Coordination Team

For help with HHCAHPS, or to speak with an HHCAHPS expert, email or call 801-293-0700. 

--Craig Christiansen

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