Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Agency Responsibilities: What you need to do for HHCAHPS

After all this talk about deadlines, timelines, Federal Registers, final rulings, Phone vs Mailers, and all the other sundry subjects of HHCAHPS, Administrators can feel a bit overwhelmed--thinking, "ok, out of all this information, what do I need to do for HH CAHPS?"

The simplest, and most important list of activities you as an agency need to focus on for HH CAHPS is as follows:

  1. Contract with approved vendor--Our suggestion is to find a vendor that gives you monthly updates instead of quarterly.
  2. Determine 1st “Service Month”--The Service Month is defined as the first month you work with the vendor. Calls or Mailers begin on the 21st of the month AFTER the service month.
  3. Choose method for submitting patient data--Choose whether you want to send patient updates directly, or you prefer the vendor works directly with your software company.
  4. Deliver patient updates each month, or the updates can come from your software company.
  5. Avoid influencing patients in any way about how to answer.
  6. Review survey results.
  7. Register for login credentials at https://homehealthcahps.org and authorize approved vendor--Prior to 3rd quarter 2010

Once you have selected a vendor, they can walk you through the rest of the process.

For help with HHCAHPS, or to speak with an HHCAHPS expert, email inquiries@mycahps.com or call 801-293-0700. 

--Craig Christiansen

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