Tuesday, April 5, 2011

An HHCAHPS Testimonial

We would like to share a client testimonial recently sent to us:
Since I have a few minutes and while we are on the subject of quality. I want to thank you and your staff for the assistance that you have given us to comply with the CAHPS mandate. The transition was simple and you have made compliance with this program a breeze. Besides being an owner of an agency, I am also a consultant and I have seen what some of the other vendors are doing. No reminders to submit the names of patients, no reports or if there are reports they are not professional and do not furnish very much information. When I have had questions, your staff has responded to me quickly. I feel that if the vendor does not act professionally when I interact with them, how are they treating my patients? When the vendor interacts with my patients, they are projecting my agency. Again thank you for your assistance and help.

Sharon Kean, RN, MBA
Victorville HHA Services, LLC.

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