Friday, December 4, 2009

HH CAHPS Survey Information: Composite Measures

We receive a lot of questions about what will be on the HH CAHPS questionnaire. The HH CAHPS survey is comprised of 34 questions designed to do the following: collect composite measures about 3 areas of performance, and 2 global ratings of care. The questions regarding global ratings will be discussed in another entry, while this entry will focus on the composite measures.

Each composite measure has 4 or more questions about one of the following topics:

1. Patient care
2. Communications between providers and patients
3. Specific care issues (medications, home safety and pain)


Question #3 is an example from the survey falling under the communication topic:
When you first started getting home health care from this agency, did someone from the agency talk with you about how to set up your home so you can move around safely?

Question 16 is an example from the survey related towards Patient Care:
In the last 2 months of care, how often did home health providers from this agency treat you as gently as possible?

Question 11 addresses medication:
In the last 2 months of care, did you take any new prescription medicine or change any of the medicines you were taking?
In conclusion, the HH CAHPS survey as it is currently written, doesn't allow for many open-ended comments or questions. Check with your vendor about the possibility of adding supplemental questions in order to increase the qualitative feedback from patients.

For help with HHCAHPS, or to speak with an HHCAHPS expert, email or call 801-293-0700. 

--Craig Christiansen

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