Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The HH-CAHPS Timeline

The HH-CAHPS timeline is as follows:
Voluntary participation in HH-CAHPS begins in November 2009 and goes through June 2010, though we do not recommend you begin until January, so that the new data fields with OASIS-C can be used.
During third quarter 2010, HHAs are required to do a dry run for at least one month, and begin mandatory participation and ongoing data collection beginning in October. HHAs have until 11:59 PM January 21, 2011 to submit the Dry Run data to the Home Health CAHPS Data Center, and until April 21, 2011 to submit fourth quarter results.
When you begin your voluntary participation depends entirely on how soon you want results to review, and how many month’s worth you would like to have before your vendor is collecting results that will be published. The more months you have to make corrections to the quality of your care, the greater position your agency will be in when results are published.
Other facts to consider are how long it takes results, which will be published in our next entry

For help with HHCAHPS, or to speak with an HHCAHPS expert, email or call 801-293-0700. 

--Craig Christiansen

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